Try and leave this world a little better than you found it

Oivita39 focuses all its efforts on taking care of your hair by minimising the environmental impact of its products during their entire lifecycle, from concep- tion through destruction or recycling.

The philosophy “Less is More” guides all of our actions, showing that it is possible to achieve high-quality results while protecting the planet at the same time.

In today’s society, we are immersed in a culture of production and consumerism. There is no doubt that this progressive trend has a very negative impact on the planet on a sociological, psychological, and environmental level.

Our goal at Oivita39 is to promote environmentally friendly and responsible con- sumption. The idea of “Less is More” is key to us as a brand, and we apply it to everything we do.

Take care of what matters

High percentage of biodegradable ingredients (up to 95%). High percentage of natural ingredients (up to 95%).

Our packaging helps to reduce carbon footprint. At Oivita39 we believe that every individual can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by taking the neces- sary steps and implementing the necessary measures.

One of the main advantages of our square packaging is its ability to maximize space and transport a greater quantity of product in one trip.

In order to demonstrate these statements, we have used GaBi Software, a cu- tting-edge tool that performs life cycle analyses for products, from raw material extraction and processing, manufacturing and transport to landfill disposal at the end of their useful lives.